My Very First Trip in My Life to Dieng Plateau

September 24, 2016

I still remember, that time when I was working in my office and somehow I feel like “Oh, forget about this works things, I’m going to go out, take a break, and do some vacation which I never did before. I have to take a big step, and do something crazy by myself”. At that time, I was thinking to take the day off and go to Bali. Then, I contacted my best friend, and ask her if she willing to take a vacation with me. Unfortunately, she said she would go on vacation with her mother and her sister to Dieng Plateau in Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. She said she gets the best deal for that tour package, which take a 3 days 2 nights for only IDR 550K. She also offered me to join with her too. Without any doubts, I said YES! So here we go, going to Dieng Plateau, which completely change me.
We took a tour bus from Jakarta at 10:00 PM to Dieng Plateau, and it needed ten hours to get there. I remember we reached the Dieng Plateau at 09:00 AM (there is no time difference from Jakarta) and the tour guide told us to directly heading to Dieng Theatre. In there, we watched a video that shows why this area called Dieng and some traditional ceremonies in Dieng.
After that, we went to Bukit Ratapan Angin and Telaga Warna. We have to trek to reach that destination, and the road was slippery and dusty. But it’s worth it when you finally on the top of Bukit Ratapan Angin and you can see Telaga warna from an eagle eye view. That was stunning!

From Telaga Warna, we went to Kawah Sikidang (Sikidang Crater). There nothing much to see, except the smell that stung my nose. Oh, the tour guide told us to bring some mask and an umbrella or a hat since the temperature can be so high there. Also, you can take a photo with some owls in Kawah Sikidang. The owl’s owner will charge you some money, but you can bargain it. I personally not recommended taking pictures with owl, since owl is nocturnal animals, but it was forced to get up in the noon for taking a photo. You can see the owners sprayed some water to keep them waking up. At first, I didn’t realize that, but after I read some articles about the owls in Kawah Sikidang, I confidently not recommend for that activity.
At 04:00 AM on the next day, we went to Bukit Sikunir and have to trek to go to the top hill. That was my first time to do something like that. I almost gave up since the road increasingly uphill, but I miraculously got to the top! YAY!

After watching the sunrise, we’re going back to the home stay and ate Mie Ongklok as a breakfast. It’s the one of traditional food from Dieng. They also have a specialty fruit which can only grow in Dieng (because the texture of their land) which called Carica. It looks like a papaya but in a smaller size. I personally didn’t really like the Carica (because it tastes very sweet), but it is worth to try.
That was my first trip to Dieng. I would like to hear from you too! Comment down below or put your blog or your YouTube channel or whatever, because I would love to know your experience too!

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