Best Camera for Travel

March 08, 2017

One thing for sure will not be left behind when we travel is the camera. Because we will bring the camera during the trip, the weight of the camera is my main consideration. When I was in college, I always use DSLR camera. But as the development of the technology of the camera, I prefer the mirrorless camera. I avoid carrying too much gear, as not only tiresome but can also be a barrier (for an example you quickly feel tired because of the heavy camera). The photo may be bad, maybe good, but our memories will always record what we see and it's everlasting.

So, this is the “photograph-gun” that I bring to travel:
Sony Mirrorless Camera A6000
I bought it two years ago and still use it to this day. It comes with a 50 mm lens and the picture quality as good as DSLR camera. This is a light, simple, and vintage-style camera, but has a complete feature such as a DSLR. Sony has also added the wifi feature on the camera, which makes us able to transfer photos from the camera directly to our mobile phone. There is a little dissapoinment from this camera, which is the focus sensor is-sometimes-slow, so it's not suitable for photographing fast movement. But hey, we'll be more photographing the landscape during the journey, so why should we care about movements?
GoPro Hero 4 Silver Edition
I thought nothing could beat a Gopro for action camera. I ever tried a competitor's brand of Gopro, Xiaomi Yi Camera, but turns out I prefer Gopro. It could take a picture widely-or not if you want it-but I think Gopro can adapt in various circumstances as you travel. I don't need to explain more about this camera. You have to buy it!
iPhone 5C
Yep, since I stopped spending money for gadgets, especially cell phones, I remain faithful to my mobile: iPhone 5C. As long as my phone still can record images and video, then be it (grin). It also has a pretty pink color! (Update: unfortunately, my iPhone 5c is broken and has been replaced with an iPhone 6)

So what are the camera always you have to travel?

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