The Ultimate Guide to Travel in Belitung Island : Snorkeling and Hopping Island

March 21, 2017

At the moment, Belitung Island is increasingly known as one of the must-see destination in Indonesia. The beaches, the sea life, the culture, all coalesced into an attraction that cannot be denied. Some people said its marine life is more beautiful than Bali. And some people said, there is not much to see in Belitung Island, since it's only has 1.866 mi² areas. So, I decided to go to find out by myself.

AND... Yes, it's only a small island. Yes, there is no fancy cafe or pub, like in Bali. Yes, there is no public transport (you have to rent a car and always remember to fill the fuel). Yes, the road is empty (even on the weekend-makes me feel like I own the road and the island). 

BUT... It does have beautiful beaches and has a better marine life than Bali. So, without further due, here are the ultimate guide to travel in Belitung Island (especially snorkeling and hopping island):

1. Snorkeling in Lengkuas Island
You can see the L.I Enthoven lighthouse in Lengkuas Island. It also has distinct huge granite boulders, a clear seawater, and a white sand beach. I snorkel at Lengkuas Island and I agree with people who said coral in Belitung are more beautiful than in Bali. The waters in Lengkuas Island are clear as a crystal. It also has various kinds of colorful fish and an extremely beautiful coral reef.
The Lighthouse in Lengkuas Island
The Fascinating Granite Boulders
Snorkeling in Crystal Clear Water
Meeting this new friends in Belitung
Coral Reef
There are some stalls selling food and drinks, but I don't recommend you to buy anything on the site. They set the price too expensive (almost six times) which is not reasonable for me.

2. Being a bird from the top of L.I Enthoven Lighthouse
Did you see that 135-year old lighthouse on my Lengkuas Island photo? Well, makes your body (especially your feet) to work out and climb into the highest floor of L.I Enthoven lighthouse. Don't worry, there are spiral staircases (which is slippery) all the way up into the 18th floor of the lighthouse. It is totally worth it!
The View From 18th Floor
The 18th  Floor Sign
The Slippery Spiral Staircases
3. Trekking to the untitled cave in Tanjung Kelayang Island
I made a mistake when I visited Tanjung Kelayang Island: hop out from the boat without sandals. Why? Because we have to trek to the untitled cave, and the track was very slippery, has a lot of roots and gravels (that makes my feet hurt). But, the view at the cave was amazing!
Untitled Cave
4. Having a random photo shot in Batu Belayar Island
It is a small island (literally small) where you can take photos with some-architectural granite boulders. If you’re lucky enough, you can also meet Patrick the starfish.
Patrick The Starfish
5. Watch the sunset from Tanjung Tinggi Beach
I think the sunset was better in Bali (sorry, Belitung). Tanjung Tinggi Beach is the one of the beaches used as filming locations of the blockbuster movie from the novel "Laskar Pelangi". The movie is also one of the reasons why Belitung Island began to be visited by tourists.
Tanjung Tinggi beach
Tanjung Tinggi Beach
I like the sunset in Bali more than in Belitung (sorry!)
Equipment : Sony A6000 + Gopro Hero 4 Silver
Edited : Photoshop + VSCO

You can also read my complete journey in Belitung in Part II.

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