Traveling Will Makes You Change: The Reason Why My First Trip is Completely A Life Twist

March 06, 2017

If you have read my first trip to Dieng, you probably think that I’m the excessive person. Or you might be thinking that it’s just a regular trip; what’s so special about that trip, anyway? Well, I guess it’s depending on your perspective.

But for me, personally, when I watched the sunrise from Bukit Sikunir, where you can see the bright rays of the sun, the big sun in front of your face--I don’t know if it’s you--but for me, that was a magic moment. When you realize that you just a tiny human against the world. That you never been seeing much God’s creations, that you always spend your time, your life, for the statement we called “success”, for something that we called “achievements”. I think I would like to spend my whole life for traveling. That was an incredible moment, which I never forget for the rest of my life. I lost my words to describe that moment, it feels like my heart is going to explode because of happiness.

After that trip, I realize that there are some several changes of habits that I did:
1. I am constantly searching for new adventures and learning to do an itinerary plan.
It’s important for me to find the next destination for my trip. I’m learning how to make an itinerary plan (I did this when I and my best friends went to Bali), how to get there, how much it cost, or maybe there are some “open trip” which usually a lot more cheaper than if you going alone by yourself (like my first trip to Dieng). So far, I always join in open trip if I’m doing a solo travel. Basically, in open trip you will go to travel with other people who have some interest in the destination with a tour company, so the price that you paid is actually a “sharing-budget” for that trip. But I did some “self-private-traveling” too with my friends, where you can choose where you want to, make the itinerary plan, and planning all the way from my home to the destination and vice-versa.

2. I started to write a bucket list.
So many beautiful destinations in my country, Indonesia. I started to write a bucket list. I want to try a parasailing, sea-diving, skydiving or paragliding, and a lot more stuff. I finally did this when I was in Bali (read here). I want to go there, to here, which makes my list will never end.

3. I began to save my salary for traveling budget.
Yep, I became a very strict person when it comes to money. Sadly, I’m just a regular person with a regular job and a regular salary (crying out loud). So every month, I paid my insurance, my bills, saved some money for emergency budget, and save the rest and save the rest of it for traveling. I did have a different account for my traveling budget.

4. I gave up spending my money on fancy food / clothes.
Thank God, I’m actually not the person who loves fancy food or fancy clothes. As long as the food is still edible, then no problems. As long as the clothes still be used, no matter it’s only a couple of bucks, then no problems. I can save those money for traveling. And it’s worth it.

How about you? Did you feel any different when you travel? Please share!

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